As a professional chef and registered dietitian nothing gives me more joy than guiding you to a lifestyle of good eating, vitality and longevity. I am passionate about my work and eager to bring you the knowledge you need to attain optimal health.

I understand the value of wholesome food and center my career on blending vital nutrients into meals that fill the mouth with flavor and the body with nourishment.

My goal is to expose you to the power of healthy eating and support you in making healthy food choices. For more than ten years I have been a trusted catalyst for transforming women’s health through my innovative approach to nutrition and practical goal-oriented solutions.

To ensure you get the best, I go the extra mile to integrate a broad range of modalities to educate, coach, guide and inspire you on the most productive ways to enhance your health.

What makes me stand apart? Education, experience and expertise!

I take pride in understanding human nature, and connecting with my clients empathetically. I care about you and have a genuine interest in your health challenges. I start by listening to you, grasping your needs and providing proven strategies for revitalizing your health and wellbeing. My customized  nutritional solutions are based on evaluating all aspects of your life, including your eating habits, sleep patterns, nature of work and your environment.

My distinctive Professional Credentials include:

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Masters degree in Nutrition and Food Science

Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP)

Certification in Adult Weight Management

Certified Raw Food Chef

Personal Chef USPCA


Certified LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) Therapist-dealing with food sensitivities

Why do I use an Integrative and Functional Medicine approach?

Integrative and functional medicine is firmly entrenched in the belief that the body has the capacity to heal itself if given the right tools and the underlying causes of disease are addressed. I use this method to provide my clients with a holistic, and personalized plan that includes an appropriate diet and supplementation. With this approach, my clients are achieving faster and better results.

What fuels my passion?

My love for cooking, good food and teaching nutrition started at a tender age. I was born in Israel, a country where delicious, healthy food is celebrated.  My passion for food and helping people of diverse cultures inspired me to study Anthropology before earning all my other degrees and certifications. Each one played a part in expanding my ability to better serve and meet your needs. 

Because food is my passion I take every opportunity to research new recipes and cuisines designed to boost your health,
immune system and quality of life.

Moran Hermesh  – Integrative & Functional Nutritionist, Coach & Chef

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