Addiction Wellness

Your Clients Will Thank You!

Boost the benefits your clients receive by incorporating Moran’s nutritional therapy principles and practice in your treatment protocol.

Moran’s HOW TO QUIT WITH NUTRITION Therapy Program includes these crucially relevant topics and solutions:

The true science of addiction

The 10 essential keys for beating addiction

Moran’s personalized strategy for quitting or ending cravings for a particular substance

Menu & recipes designed to provide all the essential nutrients to restore balance in each client’s brain to reclaim each client’s health.

Moran provides the services – your clients reap the rewards: 

*  Conducts weekly nutrition presentations to inpatient and outpatient clients on topics such as nutrition & recovery, gut health, craving cure, food addiction, mindful eating, food & mood, food for recovery, exercise & recovery, inflammatory & anti-inflammatory foods, cooking in recovery, the truth about sugar, and much more. 

* Provides individual counseling with clients struggling with disordered eating, mood disorders, and digestive issues.

* Designs meals guaranteed to please and increase client satisfaction while meeting nutritional needs.

* Manages all food service issues so you don’t have to. These services include placing food orders, managing kitchen staff, ensuring food safety, and menu planning — all while working within your budget.


Are you suffering from the challenges of addiction?


Contact Moran about a personalized nutrition therapy plan with coaching.


By “resetting” your brain out of the addiction, you will feel so good you won’t need stimulants or relaxants including caffeine, cigarettes, sugar, or chocolate.

Moran’s nutritional treatment is custom-tailored for you and your addiction, addressing your specific symptoms and body reactions.

Schedule a free personal consultation call with Moran today!


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